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The Enkatgao Project is one of our newly funded grant programs for the unpaid caregivers of individuals undergoing cancer treatment or who are terminally ill.  Enkatgao will assist up to forty unpaid family caregivers by providing limited in-home respite services for the patient, selfcare help, stress relief activities, and monthly training sessions for the caregiver.  “Enkatgao” is the Chamorro word for caretaker or custodian.

Caregiving is stressful and emotional, especially for family members caring for individuals with chronic or terminal illness.  The stress for caregivers can be devastating and lead to fatigue and risk physical abuse or neglect of the ill family member.  It may result in the caregiver neglecting their own health as they focus on care of their family member. 

Primary objectives

• To provide up to 16 hours of in-home respite care (supervision and personal care) per week to allow caregivers time for their own self-care.

• To provide monthly training on various caregiving topics such as personal grooming, hygiene, injury prevention techniques, and legal issues.

• To provide self-care and stress-relief activities
Referrals are being accepted at the CSS Main Office in Barrigada Heights. Intake and assessments will be conducted to ensure eligibility and to establish a service plan.  Referrals may be faxed to 635-1444 ATTN: Enkatgao Project or via email at respitecare@cssguam.org.