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Your generous support will help over

3,000 people. 

Catholic Social Service touches the lives of over 3,000 of the island’s most vulnerable regardless or race, ethnicity, and religion. 

As a nonprofit organization, we work with the local government, military, veteran’s office, and other community groups to provide the services that our community needs. Our programs serve those who can no longer provide for themselves and offer the strength and tools that people need to be self-sufficient and end the cycle or dependence. This not only improves their lives, it also strengthens our community.

Your support makes our work possible. As a donor to the One Love Campaign, you’ll help to change lives every month and give hope throughout the year. 

What we will do with your donation

• Emergency food assistance 

• Medical assistance for off-island treatment 

• Personal hygiene & household supplies 

• Pre-employment assistance 

• Prescription medications, as needed