Catholic Social Service

Na' Fan Safo

Project Na’ Fan Såfo, a Chamorro phrase which means “to keep safe or protect from”, is a grant awarded by the Guam Housing and Urban Development Authority (GHURA) through the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Cares Act and will provide the following assistance:

1. Outreach services to unsheltered homeless to provide education and awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing the spread of the virus;
2. Homeless prevention assistance for households at risk of becoming homeless for income-eligible households; and
3. Rapid re-housing of income-eligible, homeless individuals with targeted focus on families with young children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly.

Interested applicants for homeless prevention and rapid re-housing assistance may complete the intake form below. Intake forms may also be downloaded and emailed to Catholic Social Service at

After receipt of intake form, applicant household will be contacted for an appointment to gather additional information on their current housing situation and required documents to determine the type of assistance and level of assistance to be provided. For more information, please contact 635-1422 or 635-1451, or email us at