Catholic Social Service Seek Donations for the Food Pantry

The food pantry at Catholic Social Service Guam (CSS) is running low on supplies for feeding the hungry, and needs help from the community in order to continue offering its service.  Executive Director, Diana Calvo said.  “In the last two months there has been an increase in demand from families and individuals seeking food at our pantry.”  The food pantry provides two days of food once a month for individuals who request help.

Currently the food pantry is running low and the staff at CSS are worried about their ability to meet the current demand.  Calvo is asking for the community to drop off non-perishable dry foods and canned goods or to make a donation online.

When the Food Pantry receives a request the manager determines the size of the household and provides enough food for two days to feed everyone in the household.  Patrons can only make a request once a month. To qualify for assistance individuals must bring in a Mayor’s verification and a certification from Public Health. Every effort is made to ensure that individuals requesting food are given food with enough vitamins and protein, along with enough calories to sustain themselves in a healthy manner. The food pantry typically provides households with one to two individuals with 2lbs rice or pasta, one canned meat, two cans of vegetables, two soups, two cans of seafood, and a can of fruit.  When available other items are added to the patron’s bag of food supplies. The value of the food offered to the individual is $12.00

Calvo said. “Many of our patrons are homeless, but some are out of a job and desperate, while the rest have a job, however those that are working are either working at minimum wage or only part-time.  Guam is expensive for families and individuals living on minimum wage”.

CSS’s food pantry managers are looking for donations from the community.  The food pantry is able to buy food at wholesale prices, so most of the food they get is cheaper than the prices found in the store.  As a result, it is asked that people consider making a monetary donation through the CSS website, or on their Facebook page  CSS will gladly accept all donations of non-perishable dry-foods and canned goods. here.







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