To inquire about services, contact Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities at 475-4624.

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Community Habilitation Program


Program Manager:
Peter John Camacho

Tel: 472-8598
Fax: 635-1444

Daytime habilitation program for adults with severe cognitive disabilities. 

About us

The Community Habilitation Program (CHP) is an independent living skills training and day program for individuals, age 18 and over, with severe disabilities. The program provides at least six (6) hours of daily services to adults with significant disabilities needing independent life skills training and other services to engage in socialization and integration in the community.

Participation at CHP is by referral only from the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center (GBHWC) as part of the individual’s treatment plan.

The Community Habilitation Program will conduct an orientation with the individual and family on the program and activities, reinforcing areas as outlined in the individual’s treatment plan. Progress is noted monthly to determine any updates to the treatment plan.


Services provided
  • Personal grooming

  • Toilet training

  • Taking a shower

  • Using public transportation​

  • Preparing simple sandwiches/snacks to include clean-up after preparation

  • Recognizing public figures in the community, i.e. police, mayor, fire safety personnel, governor, senators, etc.

  • Recognizing survival words/signs in the home and communityBasic academic learning

  • Basic money managementShopping for personal needs

  • Recognizing home surroundings/ landmarksCommunity outings to business/ recreational areas

  • Applying learned skills on outingsLearning to perform domestic chores

Additional services
  • Body stimulation

  • Physical fitness exercises

  • Story reading

  • Nature walks​

  • Socialization and integration

  • Learning to use five senses

  • Tactile discrimination

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) skills training

  • Learning body parts, objects

  • Community outings to business and recreational areas

  • Sports/games

  • Preparing for typhoon/disaster

Community Habilitation Program