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Case Management



asst. program manager:
Patty Cruz

tel: 635-1422/33
fax: 635-1444

Casework services and entry point for aging services.

About us

Case Management Services provides information and assistance to locate and access multiple services for seniors, particularly those with long-term needs. When appropriate or necessary, advocacy is provided for their rights and benefits on an individual basis.

Case Management Services is the entry point to critical services in the aging network: 

• Adult Day Care & Dementia Day Care

• Home Delivered Meals

• In-Home Services

• Assisted Transportation

• Respite Services


This is the beginning of the process where basic information about the senior is collected to identify needs of the elderly.



This is a home-visit conducted by a caseworker with the elderly and/or family member(s) to gain understanding of
the elderly as a whole and be aware of his/her strengths and needs. 

Service planning

The caseworker works with the elderly or the family to clarify expectations and agree to an Individualized Care Plan (ICP) and other problem solving activities. 

Implementation & Follow-Up

A caseworker will arrange and ensure that appropriate services and other help requested are provided and utilized. 


A caseworker conducts periodic reassessments to update knowledge about the senior and his/her situation for possible changes to service plans and/or for management of available resources.

Who benefits

All elderly benefit from Case Management Services, especially those who

• Are vulnerable or “at risk” of institutionalization

• Require another person’s assistance in functional activities such as walking, eating, bathing, dressing,
   toileting or transferring in/out of bed

• Have mental impairments

• Are in need of multiple, ongoing or long term services

• Have little or no support of close family or friends

Case Management Services